DIY Gift Wrap Wrapping Paper

Does anyone else have a bin (or bins…) stored away of your kiddo’s artwork? They can be very prolific creators. This DIY allows for a lot of creative freedom for them, and reuse for you! 

All you need is a roll of paper  and art-making supplies of your choice. We used tempera cakes  and watercolor palettes. Crayons, colored pencils, and markers would also be great for this project with less dry-time. 

I started by rolling out the paper on the floor, using a canvas drop cloth to protect the hardwood. If you don’t have a drop cloth- an old sheet, some newspapers, or the dollar store table cloth in the back of your pantry from that birthday party 6 years ago will work.

I prefer to let my little artist do her thing, but you could show them a pattern or use holiday cookie cutters as stamps. The nice part of this is that they can keep going until they are tuckered out. 

This wrapping paper is a hit with the grandparents!

Fun ideas:

Paint directly onto bubble wrap and then stamp it on

Roll toy cars through paint and then roll them on the paper

Cut the bottom off a celery stalk and use it as a floral stamp

Draw snowflakes with a white crayon and then watercolor over them

Use a large Lego as a circle stamp

DIY Gift Wrap Wrapping Paper

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